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Your Birth Blueprint Online Learning

The birthing woman’s guide to navigating Australian maternity care with confidence.

For many women birth intervention is a reality, with 78% of Australian women having some sort of pain relief, 36% a c-section and 35% having an induced labour in 2019 (AIHW, 2021). For some parents, their experience of birth has involved life-or-death decisions, under pressure and in an unfamiliar environment. This type of experience can be distressing and even traumatic.

This is why we have created this online guide to navigating Australian maternity care. So you can prepare and practise with quality information from a balanced viewpoint.

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What will you learn?

Your Birth Blueprint's online course covers what you need to feel confident in your hospital birth. Be prepared for the hospital environment, working in collaboration with health professionals and practise navigating decision-making for your birth and the intervention offered.

EDUCATION: Birth Intervention

Be prepared with quality research and a balanced view including procedure explanation, pros & cons, and why you might need it.

  • Pre-birth Intervention; stretch & sweep, baby position (ECV), waters breaking

  • Pain Relief options; gas, epidural, medication, TENS

  • Birth Intervention; induction, VBAC, c-section, forceps/ventouse, episiotomy

  • ACT: Ask | Collaborate | Time

    Bring together what you now know about the hospital, intervention and your rights to practise & prepare. 

  • Apply what you have learnt about intervention for birth decisions.

  • Feel more confident that you can ‘think on the spot’.

  • You will have built a bridge between HER (hospital system, education and your rights) and ACT (ask, collaborate, time).

  • Your Rights | Trauma Protection 

    Research shows that there is a protective link between being involved in decision making and minimising the risk of birth trauma.

  • Familiarise yourself with the ‘best practise’ model of maternity care.

  • Know your rights as a birthing woman.

  • Identify the 3 steps to protect yourself from trauma.

  • Ready To Feel Prepared And Get Started Today?

    Our aim is to provide you with quality information based on credible research from a balanced viewpoint using the Your Birth Blueprint framework: HER ACT.

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    Your Birth Blueprint has a lofty goal for all women

    The experience of birthing in a hospital is one where a birthing woman feels at the centre. She is respected, educated, has access to the care she wants, is involved in decision making and understands that she has choices. Decisions are made in collaboration with her care providers and parents are active, educated participants.

    Lorielle Shiell founder and creator of Your Birth Blueprint

    Lorielle Shiell is a mother, academic and health practitioner. She has a Masters in Health Science, is a doctor of Chinese medicine working in clinical practice for nearly twenty years, has lectured in healthcare education both in Australia and overseas, and has published papers on women's health in numerous academic journals.

    As someone who has given birth to three children in the Australian public health system with different levels of intervention, she is passionate about the rights of all parents to make decisions based on quality, balanced information that they can trust.

    All women deserve for their voice to be heard and sometimes we need help knowing how to speak up. That's what this course is about - it's a way for you, as a birthing woman, to build your confidence and find your voice with the HER ACT strategy. You cannot control what will happen when it comes to birth, YBB will give you the blueprint for being prepared for the hospital, for the intervention, for the communication and, having practised for the unknown.

    In turn, we hope you can own and feel at peace with your birth experience however that may be.

  • What people say

    My partner has a better understanding of the role he can play around advocacy and supporting me with whatever might come our way.


    Mum, SA

    I LOVED the information shared about health literacy - ensuring that women and their partners are able to understand the information being told to them and apply it. A great point was made about holding space for parents to have a voice and speak up what they think they need or what they are thinking or feeling.

    Cherie Caut

    Naturopath, PhD candidate

    Fantastic, experienced and passionate presenters with a clear vision for the future of birthing in South Australia and Australia.

    Dr. Jill Beattie

    Mindfulness based childbirth educator

    Ready To Learn How You Can Prepare and Practise for your birth?

    The Your Birth Blueprint strategy HER ACT will support you to make informed decisions about birth intervention, based on credible, balanced, research and information.

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